John Deere LG245 home maintenance kit

When I first bought my John Deeere X475 I found that John Deere sold a LG245 home maintenance kit. I has an air filter & pre-filter, fuel filter, oil filter, 2 quarts of oil, and 2 spark plugs. Everything in one convenient kit. I bought six kits for $239 or about $40 per kit.

Fast forward several years and I was down to one kit. I decided to order some more kits since they are convenient. Much to my surprise the kits are now $80-90!! Holy bat crap. Talk about inflation. Over the years I've noticed that most things sold by John Deere are made by others and just rebranded. I decided to see if I could find all the parts for LG245 kits cheaper. Here is what I found:

- Kawasaki p/n 102-182 includes the air filter and pre-filter. $21.45

- the place where I bought the air filters had Sten HD 10W-30 mower oil for $4.09/quart.

- the John Deere oil filter crosses over to Fram PH4967 (and a bunch of others). $4.66

- the John Deere fuel filter crosses over to Fram G7144 (and a bunch of others). $3.66

- NGK BPR2ES spark plugs. $2.49 each.

The total cost of my homemade LG245 kit was $42.93. I ordered enough for six more years.

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