Fuel shutoff solenoid

I was about 1/4 done mowing my yard when the mower quit. It would crank but not run. The pump was running. I checked and there was spark. The only thing left that I could think of was the fuel shutoff solenoid. The internet agreed. I pulled the tractor into the garage so I wouldn't have to work in the sun.

Due to the heat and my aggravation I didn't even think to take any pictures. The solenoid was on the bottom of the carburetor and pointed rearward. It uses a 19mm wrench to loosen. I was able to remove it without moving any other components, but it was tight.

When the solenoid is energized the plunger is supposed to retract. Mine didn't. It was bad. I had a choice to make. I could spend ~$80 for a new one, or I could do what I did...cut off the plunger and reinstall the solenoid. The solenoid doesn't really serve any real world purpose.

I couldn't get the solenoid reinstalled due to lack of space. Earlier I considered removing the fan bracket because I thought it might be a pain to get back together. It's not. Removing the bracket gives a bunch of room for reassembly. When you put the fan bracket back on start with the bottom bolts first. It goes back on without any problem.

With the modified solenoid installed the mower fired up! All at a cost of $0.

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