Fuel pump replacement

As the 2007 mowing season was winding down I noticed the tractor was getting hard to start. Eventually it wouldn't start so I tore into it to see what the problem was. The verdict...my tractor with 49 hours had a dead fuel pump. Doesn't say much for John Deere quality.

I called one dealer who said they could only sell the whole assembly (pump, float, etc.) for $175. I could order the parts online from John Deere but they had to be sent to a dealer for pickup and that wasn't practical for my schedule and it would be ~$85.

A few years ago I had put a fuel pump in my Ford's auxiliary fuel tank. I decided to buy one of those pumps and make it work for this application. Total cost $60.

I was happily surprised to find the replacement pump was the same as the John Deere pump. The electrical connector even fit.

The replacement rubber bumper fit the John Deere bracket perfectly.

AutoZone part number for the pump.

Pump strainer.

The factory fuel pump is made by Carter and is P/N 05021B.

The replacement pump mounted in the assembly.

The assembly going back in the tank.

I hooked everything back up and it ran fine.

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