John Deere front dethatcher mount

For years I've thought about making a front-mounted dethatcher so the thatch could go into my towed grass catcher. I tried to mount a dethatcher to my grass catcher with very limited success. One day I was surfing the internet looking for John Deere accessories when I found they actually make a front-mounted dethatcher that would fit my mower. It was ~$250 which I didn't mind. What I didn't like was the mounting kit cost almost $300!! That wasn't going to happen. I decided to make my own.

When I finally got around to assembling the dethatcher and mocking everything up I decided to use some square tubing. I bought a 3' piece of tubing at Lowes for $15. I cut it in half and mounted it to the tractor with 1/2" bolts. 5/16" carriage bolts fit perfectly in the dethatcher brackets. Much cheaper than $300.

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