John Deere X475

When I bought my house I bought an old, used Wheelhorse riding mower. It served me well for over 10 years but eventually it was becoming a maintenance hog. My Dad, brother, and most of the people I knew had John Deere tractors. In the summer of 2007 I decided it was time to replace the old Wheelhorse.

My Dad and I went to Ted Everett Farm Equipment to look at what they had available. They had plenty of X495s (diesel), X485s (gas fuel-injected), and 475s (gas carbureted). I decided on a 475 due to its simplicity. The 'buy it now' price they quoted was more than I wanted to pay so a few weeks later Dad and his cohort Dave Evans went to the auction and bought the same mower for $900 less.

The mower they ended up getting had 32 hours and not a scratch on it. It was half the price of a new one. The new mower is luxurious...23hp, hydrostatic clutch, hydraulics, comfortable seat, power steering, water-cooled, smooth get the picture. I actually look forward to mowing the grass now.

Fuel pump replacement - Don't waste your money on the OEM replacement

Homemade LG245 kit - Half the price of the real kit

Homemade dethatcher mount

Fuel shutoff solenoid

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